Artist Statement

My paintings are best described as contemporary landscape or contemporary abstract.  Passion for color and texture are what excite me about painting.  I am informed by my musical knowledge; gradations of tone color, balance, tension and release, and rhythm all play into how I compose a painting. Painting allows me to stop time, to make choices in slow motion, and to experience the art of composing in a whole new way

I try to incorporate marks that allude to the structure of the piece and that give some architecture to the image.  Layering paint is also an important to my process.  I will activate the blank canvas with bold strokes that give me a structure to play upon.  I often view painting as music unwinding itself and coming to a visual conclusion.

My initial impetus to begin painting was to enjoy color and that is still a primary focus of much of my painting. My work is becoming looser and freer as I realize the risk- reward that comes with experimentation and playfulness. The evolution of my painting has been a slow and steady progression from mono-chromaticism and repetitive pattern making using mono-printing techniques to passionate explosions of color, employing various tools and brushwork. Giving people hope and joy during the summer of a pandemic has lent an intensity and a sense of urgency to my work.