Artists at the Community Development Table


Virtual and Saturday, November 14, 2020 • 11:00AM-1:00PM • Free Event

Have you ever wondered how to use your artistic practice to improve your community? Do you have ideas for addressing important issues but don’t know how to get started? In a time when communities are facing new and challenging problems, the need for creative solutions is higher than ever.

The power and importance of integrating artists and arts organizations into discussions about public policy, civic systems, and community development initiatives continues to rise. How and why artists and arts organizations engage with these initiatives is a growing conversation, with the goal of empowering creatives to use their work for creative problem-solving, often finding ways to address issues which are impactful, unique and different from standard methods.

The Allegany Arts Council and Americans for the Arts are excited to present a new initiative, “Artists at the Community Development Table,” a virtual classroom series and workshop designed to help artists and arts administrators gain a better understanding of how they can use their artistry to develop arts-based solutions to community needs.

About the Program

Graciously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Artists at the Community Development Table is an initiative of Americans for the Arts awarded to seven communities across the U.S. at no cost.

The program features two components:

  • A series of online video modules which will explore the basic ideas behind community development, including:
    - Community + Culture + Equity
    - Artist Agency
    - Partnership and Collaboration
    - Assets and Support
  • A 2-hour, virtual workshop to take place Saturday, November 14, 2020, from 11:00AM-1:00PM, where we will discuss the modules, and hear directly from artist experts doing community development work in St. Louis, Missouri.

About the Presenters

Roseann Weiss, Creative Consultant

Roseann Weiss is a creative advisor and strategist exploring the intersections of art and community working independently as ART +. She has 30 years of experience in arts leadership in nonprofit arts institutions, community organizations, and gallery settings. Her expertise centers in arts-based community development, community and public arts, artists' professional development, and grant-making. For 14 years, she guided the Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute at the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission, which is an innovative, cross-sector program designed around art as a powerful agent for social change. Among her current projects is Lead Educator for Arts as Civic Engagement at the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University.

Con Christeson, Community Artist

Con is an artist exploring communities. She experiences community by observing pools of knowledge and experience that exist alongside historical rootedness and the complex concept of place. It is a topographical map of wind, weather, and time. It is the science of hard scape. It is multiple layers of memory and story. It is individual and institutional. It can reinforce or bury the human experience.

Con’s work is at the intersection of space and place, a collaboration between consciousness and creativity. She works locally, nationally, and internationally because those virtual lines drawn by humans on the surface of this planet are not real. And yet, she believes they slow us, confine us, stop us, turn us away from each other.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will benefit any person or organization who has an interest in developing arts-based solutions to address community issues such as food insecurity, substance misuse, mental health disorders, poverty, racial injustice and many others.

Some examples include individual artists, arts administrators, including both non-profit staff members and volunteers, teaching artists and educators.

Registrants are expected to prepare for the virtual workshop by watching the video modules prior to November 14, 2020, either on-demand or with us in watch parties.

How to Register

The program is limited to 50 participants and registration is required. There is no fee to attend. Due to limited capacity, registrants are asked to commit to the full program in order to participate.

Register Now!

Note: Registrants will be required to create an account before registration entering a username (e-mail) and password.

Americans for the Arts gratefully acknowledges The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its support of the Artists at the Community Development Table Initiative.

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