If These Halls Could Talk: A Tribute to Allegany's Campobello


July 2-30, 2022 • 11:00AM-5:00PM Daily • Free

The Allegany Arts Council, Allegany Museum, Allegany High School, AHS Historical Research Methods Students, and photographer Michael Hunter Thompson are pleased to present a special program entitled, “If These Halls Could Talk: A Tribute to Allegany’s Campobello", to take place in July 2022.  If These Halls Could Talk is a collaborative effort that combines the unique artistic talent of photographer Michael Hunter Thompson and the professional quality research and development of projects by students at Allegany High School enrolled in the Historical Research Methods class.

The Nostalgia of High School

What is it about high school that leaves such an indelible mark on our lives?  It may be part scientific, part neurologic, and part emotion, but for most of us, high school represents a cauldron of excitement: romance, fear, regret and longing that can last for decades. All across America, you can almost hear the bells ringing, doors flying open - the popular kids, jocks, jerks, and everyone still searching for a place to belong, creating a mixture of feelings that reside with us long after graduation.

In the 1980's, director and filmmaker John Hughes captured much of the high school experience in films which have become legendary - movies like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off explored themes of teenage plight and remain classics generation after generation.

About the Artist

Michael Hunter Thompson earned a B.A. from Frostburg State University in Graphic Design and began experimenting with photography in 2011 using layering, texturing, and other manipulation techniques. His style has evolved, now mainly shooting at dusk incorporating a more cinematic approach. Thompson has received numerous awards at the local, state and national level. He is an artist member of the Allegany Arts Council and is an Allegany High School alumni.

About the Class

Historical Research Methods is a class that was created at Allegany High School in 1999.  Utilizing the oral history methodology the class has written and published 15 books.  The course has received several state and national awards, and was recognized by the Los Angeles Times and The History Channel. The responsibility of preserving the legacy of Allegany High School was a process that the Methods Students undertook as soon as it was decided to replace the school at Sedgwick Street with a new building on Seton Drive. In 2014 students began to digitize the composite pictures and organize thousands of items that had been collected over 100 years.  Mr. Brian White has taught the course since its inception and developed the curriculum for it to be expanded countywide.

About the Events

Fade To Blue: A Photographic Journey

The Allegany Arts Council’s Saville and Schwab Galleries are pleased to announce the photography exhibit, "Fade to Blue: A Photographic Journey", which showcases the organized photo shoots Thompson conducted in the former Allegany High School. Using alumni from multiple generations, Thompson captured many of the rites of passage we all know - dances, studying in the library and hanging with friends. The exhibition will be on display from July 2-30, 2022, with a special, ticketed VIP evening to take place Friday, July 8, 2022. A Public Opening will take place Saturday, July 9, 2022, and is part of the Campers Class Reunion Weekend. 

Allegany: The American High School Experience

The Allegany Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a special exhibition entitled, “Allegany: The American High School Experience,” to take place at Allegany Museum from July 2-30, 2022. The exhibit, fully researches, developed and designed by current Allegany High School students enrolled in the Historical Research Methods course, the exhibit will reflect the history of the American High School.

Beginning in 1887, Allegany High School mirrors the history of public education in the U.S., and exhibit will explore the history of sports, band, student life and other aspects of the high school experience. The exhibit will also feature an exact replica of the Sedgwick Street building built in Legos, a unique video that embodies the emotion of high school through the years, and much more. Artifacts donated from members of the community will also be on display.

A Public Opening will take place Saturday, July 9, 2022, and is part of the Campers Class Reunion Weekend.

Allegany Campers Class Reunion

Allegany High School alumni and members of the public are invited to join a special Campers Class Reunion to take place Saturday, July 9, 2022, at the festival grounds of Canal Place. The celebration will feature music, food and beverages, special guests, and more.

Join us for Campers Weekend, July 8-9, 2022!

Program of Events:

July 2-30, 2022 - Fade to Blue: A Photographic Journey, Allegany Arts Council

July 2-30, 2022 - Allegany: The American High School Experience, Allegany Museum

July 8, 2022 - Friends of Fade to Blue VIP Reception & Book Launch, Allegany Arts Council

July 9, 2022 - Campers Weekend: Exhibit Public Openings and Campers Class Reunion

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