Something Else: Drawings by Cole Fiscus


October 29-November 19, 2022 • 11:00AM-5:00PM Daily • Free

The Allegany Arts Council and its Schwab Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of original drawings by local artist, Cole Fiscus. The exhibition, entitled "Something Else" will exhibit October 29-November 19, 2022, and will occur in tandem with our Saville Gallery artist, Anne Harkness.






About the Artist

I draw pictures because it is something to do. 


I’ve been drawing pictures since I was very fresh and still smelling of nice flowers. I used to play around in the woods and wait for god or maybe just a very large bird to take me somewhere fun and special. When that proved unlikely, I got to work making this place fun and special by using the old imagination tactic. Nowadays, I consume other peoples’ imaginations by watching their movies and reading their books. This consumption acts as fuel for my own imaginative creations, with an ounce or so of energy lost as heat, which high school chemistry has taught me.


There are a few major themes to the pictures I draw, but my largest undeniable motivation is the entire universe, whom I worship and get along with despite being programmed and expected to take advantage of her. Occasionally I give in and take a bit of advantage, but it gets old fast, like a mayfly (they only live a day, which is alright with me). 


My good parents and my good brother have been a good audience to draw pictures for. Mom likes the pictures of flowers. Dad likes the pictures of soil (ecologist). Brother likes the pictures of the stems and leaves. They are a swell gang and everyone gets all excited when I draw a plant.


I hope I do not run out of ideas of pictures to draw. I do not think that is feasible, but I sure do have a lot of ideas. 

I am currently a junior at Allegany high school. This is my first gallery exhibit. In 2019 I co-created a book of drawings and poems with my brother, Sean. My main outlet for artistic expression is posting art on Instagram, under the username “cole.noise”. I enjoy running, reading, and watching movies.

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