Bringing Art
to allegany county


We believe in the power of the arts, especially for children.

For many years, the Allegany Arts Council used a retired school bus, ArtsBus, to reach our community through classrooms, celebrations, and community events, all with a singular desire - to demonstrate the powerful impact of the arts on the lives and creativity of children. Through the years, many children climbed aboard the bus, sat with old and made new friends, all while creating together. They, in addition to a rotating cast of drivers and volunteers who became recognized in the community, established a presence in places far beyond our gallery walls. In 2019, the original ArtsBus went into retirement, and the 2.0 version was born, ArtLab!

ArtLab is a mobile arts education and enrichment platform which allows us to bring the power of creativity to you. A former bookmobile, graciously gifted from the Allegany County Library System, it has received an impressive makeover which allows us to bring equipment and supplies to every corner of our community.

Since its arrival, the ArtLab has offered free STEAM programming to students all across Allegany County, entertained kids in the pavilion at Delfest, visited public libraries, church parking lots, private schools and more.

What ArtLab Does

Studies suggest children who are exposed to art and creative expression early in their lives perform better emotionally, intellectually and have a more fulfilled life. Learning to create expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them, providing a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. For children with learning disabilities, emotional challenges or other physical limitations, art can serve as a lifeline.

For their mind, art aids in the development of the right side of the brain, and it cultivates important skills which a child will use for their lifetime.

To their heart, art is a window to worlds where anything and everything is possible.

Interested in ArtLab for Your Event?

The ArtLab is available for just about any event, including private birthday parties, school events, community festivals, or celebrations, and comes as a complete package.

Renting the ArtLab is easy and we can customize our programming to fit the needs of your audience size and ability of participants. When utilizing the ArtLab, you receive:

  • Professionally developed program by a member of our team.
  • Professional support for the program onsite – our staff attends your event and manages the activity so you can enjoy the experience!
  • ArtLab onsite at your location.
  • Supplies – we package everything needed for your event into the bus, set up and tear-down. No mess involved!

The ArtLab is a fundraising mechanism for the Allegany Arts Council and charges do apply. To learn more about bringing the ArtLab to your next program or event, complete the form below:

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